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Importance of Vaccines & Vaccination Schedules

Most parents are well aware of the “childhood vaccination schedule”. Do you know as a parent what it is? Well, for those who don’t know, it is a detailed plan for children which encompasses the period of when a child should get certain immunizations done. But as the list of vaccines has grown over the years, so has the confusion in the parent's minds have grown about vaccination schedules. Many times, parents have no clue about which vaccination centre they should visit?

Now, you would also be wondering. Right? Why are vaccines so important to children? What is an immunization schedule and is it so crucial? How would you stick to the schedule? Are there any alternative vaccination schedules that you can follow for your child? And the list of questions continues!

With the help of a child specialist in Bhopal, you can get an answer to all your questions. And in this blog, our purpose is to clear all your doubts related to vaccines and vaccination schedules.

Why vaccinations are so important for children?

Young immune systems are more vulnerable to illnesses. And if in case, your child gets exposed to measles for instance, then their immunity system will not be able to fight it off. And thus, vaccines are made with disease antigens which develop your child’s immunity system to produce more antibodies to fight off diseases and illnesses.

Why and how are vaccination schedules created?

Being a parent, you may always wonder to the fact that why your child needs to go for vaccination soon after birth. So, now, you’ll be getting the answer to this question!

Vaccination schedules for newborn babies and young children are prepared according to their immune systems which helps them in protecting the child from various diseases and illnesses as early and safely as possible. This schedule includes 16 recommended vaccines, their dosages, and timings.

Are there any alternative vaccination schedules?

According to a leading child specialist in Bhopal, Dr Mohammad Waseem, some parents wonder whether or not there are alternative vaccination schedules available that they can follow for their children. Unfortunately, there are no alternative or delayed vaccine schedules. But, you need to keep in mind that missing or delaying a vaccine means that their child is now more vulnerable to attract diseases and illnesses for extended periods.

Undoubtedly, vaccines are the most effective and efficient tool for preventing certain illnesses and diseases. Furthermore, vaccination schedules help children in staying protected at the right ages and right times. So, is it the time for your child’s next round of shots? Don’t know? Confused? Go get the vaccination schedule prepared by the child specialist in Bhopal. If not now, then when? So, contact the child specialist today!


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