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Tips To Get Through Picky Eating Stage of Your Child

Is your child into picky eating? Well, toddlers often develop preferences for certain food items. For weeks, you may notice that your toddler prefers to eat only one or two food items or nothing else. We may find this as frustrating but this is just a typical toddler behavior. As you made healthy food choices available to your child and match it out with eating behaviors of your child, your child may start to accept the food.

In the meantime, we are going to discuss some tips given by the best pediatrician in Bhopal that can definitely help you out in getting through picky eating stage of your child.

Don't force your toddler: If your toddler is refusing to eat a meal, then avoid passing over it. It is always good to listen what your child's body says than to fuss over the food. If you punish your kids for not eating the food you give to them, then it will me them dislike the foods they may otherwise like.

Eat together as a family: You must always share a meal together as often as you can. This includes no TV on mobile phones during dinner or lunch. You need to use this time for healthy eating. In this time, try to include at least one food that your child likes and continue to provide a balance meal in the meantime.

Don't bribe out your child to eat the food: Try not to drive your child with trees or other food items that they like. This will end up in disliking the food items even more.

Make food fun: Toddlers often go for food items that are arranged in an eye catching and creative manner. Obviously, not everyone can be a chef but try out to make your food look good. You can even go for finger food items. This is hit among toddlers.

Involve your child in meal planning: You need to put your toddler's growing interest into the good use of food. Let your child pick up the vegetables and fruits to make during lunch or dinner.

Try again: just because your child is refusing to eat food once doesn't mean that you need to give up. You need to offer new foods to your child. It will take 10 or more attends of toddler's taste bud to accept a particular food item. You need to schedule meals according to the timings of your child.

It vital that you incorporate the tips as recommended by the pediatrician in Bhopal as it will help you in getting through the picky eating period of your child.


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